New data announced for
Phase 2 Part A study in DME

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Business Update

2021 Full Year Results
and 2022 Outlook

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Tom Graney, CFA appointed CEO of Oxurion


Capital Commitment

Oxurion NV enters into a Capital Commitment of up to €30 Million with Negma Group

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Review article

Potential of Pan-RGD integrin antagonists for treatment of retinal vascular disorders

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Our mission

To prevent vision loss and address unmet medical needs in retinal disorders

Developing next generation treatments to preserve vision for patients with diseases affecting the back of the eye

Advancing Science. Enhancing Vision.

Oxurion builds on years of experience resulting from local and international scientific collaboration. With our pipeline of innovative drug candidates for retinal disorders, we have a clear mission: to deliver solutions enabling vision preservation for people around the globe.  

We are advancing our pipeline of drug candidates to preserve vision for patients with retinal disorders and look forward to sharing the progress of our clinical programs.

- Patrik De Haes, MD, Non-Executive Chairman of Oxurion



Oxurion employees are united by a shared goal: to make Oxurion a global leader in developing innovative treatments for retinal disorders including diabetic macular edema (DME). Want to join us?

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Oxurion relies on a network of experienced partners to bring the best possible eye care to patients across the globe. We are always open to new opportunities for partnership and collaboration for improving eye care.

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