dry AMD

Oxurion and Beta Therapeutics to develop new Heparanase Inhibitors for treatment of dry AMD

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We are Oxurion

A new name, reflecting our ambitions to develop novel therapies for patients with diseases affecting the back of the eye.


Our mission

To prevent vision loss and address unmet medical needs in ophthalmology.


Our focus

Advanced research to deliver best-in-class therapies for back of the eye diseases.

Delivering next-generation treatments for back of the eye disorders, with focus on diabetic eye disease

Advancing Science. Enhancing Vision.

Formerly known as ThromboGenics, Oxurion builds on a yearlong expertise and knowledge platform resulting from local and international scientific collaboration. In today’s rebranding, we further embrace our core expertise and evoke our aspirations for the future. As before, we are driven by the ambition to expand our activities, building on our past, into new areas.

Today's renaming comes at a moment when we are stepping up our drug development efforts.

- Patrik De Haes, MD, CEO of Oxurion

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Oxurion remains innovator in novel retinal therapies

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Join forces to fight eye disease in developing countries

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November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

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Oxurion employs 75 people worldwide, all are united by a shared goal: to make Oxurion a global leader in developing and commercializing innovative treatments for chronic eye disorders. Want to join us?

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Oxurion relies on a network of experienced partners to bring the best possible eye care to patients across the globe. We are always open to new opportunities for partnership and collaboration for improving eye care.

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