Delivering next-generation treatments for back of the eye disorders, with focus on diabetic eye disease

Part of a global community

Oxurion’s engagement reaches far beyond R&D and the promotions of new therapies. Through sustainable partnerships with social initiatives ‑ medical charity, education, culture - Oxurion is committed to increasing patient access to therapies for disorders affecting the back of the eye. Together, we set our sights on providing a better quality of life to those in need.

Retina Global: Oxurion has supported certification courses in diabetic retinopathy for ophthalmologists and ophthalmology residents in Bolivia. Retina Global is an international nonprofit focused on sustainable solutions for retinal services in underserved areas around the world.

Prevent Blindness: Oxurion has partnered with Prevent Blindness at the 2018 Focus on Eye Health national summit in Washington, DC. For over a century, the organization has been working to prevent blindness and preserve sight.

Light for the World: Oxurion has supported the Belgian branch of this European NGO since 2014. The organization fights eye disease in Rwanda, Tanzania and Congo, providing organizational, technical and financial support to medical eye centers.