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THR-687 (Pan RGD integrin antagonist)

Illustration THR-687

Mode of action

THR-687, a pan RGD integrin antagonist, targets a broader spectrum of DR hallmarks. Preclinical models show that it is a potent inhibitor of angiogenesis-induced vascular leakage. The inhibition of integrins targets multiple processes involved in pathological angiogenesis and vascular leakage, unlike anti-VEGF treatment. 

Oxurion has completed enrollment for a Phase I clinical trial to assess the safety of THR-687 in patients with DME. 

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Target indications

Diabetic retinopathy


"The promising initial data indicate that THR-687 could have the potential of being an effective monotherapy for patients with DME."

- Arshad Khanani, M.D., M.A.  - Read the press release

Clinical trials
Phase I

Phase I open-label, multicenter, dose escalation study evaluating the safety of a single intravitreal injection of THR-687 for the treatment of patients with DME


Enrollment complete

This Phase I study (THR-687-001 - NCT03666923) will primarily assess the safety of a single intravitreal injection of escalating dose levels of THR-687 in patients with DME. A total of 12 patients with DME have been enrolled into the US-based study ( NCT03666923).


To be expected around year end 2019

Preclinical data

Preclinical studies have provided evidence that THR-687 is a potent and safe treatment, highlighting its ability to inhibit various significant stages in pathologic angiogenesis, a key factor leading to vision loss in diabetic eye disease. These preclinical data provide support for the clinical development of THR-687.