Developing next generation treatments to preserve vision for patients with diseases affecting the back of the eye

Unmet medical needs

At Oxurion we are dedicated to finding and developing drugs to meet medical needs in ophthalmology. According to the World Health Organization, chronic eye disorders account for more than 80% of visual impairment cases worldwide, with the majority of them being back of the eye diseases.

Oxurion’s deep scientific knowledge of diseases affecting the back of the eye has led to the development of a diverse portfolio of disease-modifying therapies aimed to preserve these patients’ vision. Oxurion’s current pipeline is focused on new treatment approaches to diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration.

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We focus on non-VEGF pathways

Our focus on non-VEGF pathways means first and foremost leaving the anti-VEGF pathway. An anti-VEGF is a good product but it only works for 60% of those with DME, meaning there is no effective treatment for the other 40%. Exploring non-VEGF pathways might provide a chance to better address the current unmet medical need of those 40% DME patients. Exploring non-VEGF pathways might provide a chance to better address the current unmet medical need of those 40% DME patients.

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Unique research pipeline beyond VEGF
Science leadership team

Our goal: to be a fast and agile biotech company without sacrificing quality. Our strategy: cross-functional teamwork between our preclinical, clinical and medical teams throughout the R&D process.

The medical team is involved from start to end of a program to bring a new drug to market. The preclinical team is responsible for the research targets explored. 

And in all clinical phases, the development team works hard on the regulatory, quality and safety aspects of every program. This collaborative mindset is our key strength, realized under our Science leadership team:


Jean Feyen, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Feyen oversees all preclinical activities at Oxurion. He joined the company in October 2013 from Galapagos, where he was the VP for alliance and portfolio management. He started his professional career with an academic appointment at the University of Connecticut Health Center. After that, he held several positions in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Jean progressed through the ranks in several drug discovery positions in Switzerland and the US, finally heading the translational science and disease biology effort on cardiovascular and metabolic disease at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Jean holds a PhD from the University of Leiden and is an inventor on several patents. He has authored more than sixty peer-reviewed publications. Jean is currently an adjunct professor in the department of pharmacology at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.


Andy De Deene, MD

Global Head of Development

Andy De Deene has extensive experience in drug development, including clinical development, pharmacovigilance and medical affairs. He previously worked as both Manager and Director for the Janssen Research Foundation and XCellentis in Belgium. Andy holds an MD from the University of Ghent, trained as a dermatologist at the University of Cologne, and obtained an executive MBA from Vlerick Management School.

Exploring non-VEGF pathways might provide a chance to better address the current unmet medical need of 40% of DME patients.

- Oxurion Science leadership team


Oxurion relies on a network of experienced partners to bring the best possible eye care to patients across the globe. These partnerships include research collaboration, co-development, co-commercialization, and in-licensing agreements.

We are always open to new opportunities for partnership and collaboration for improving eye care.

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