Delivering next-generation treatments for back of the eye disorders, with focus on diabetic eye disease


We are continuously expanding our work in earlier-stage projects, searching for new pathways and compounds for developing next-generation treatments for back of the eye disorders, with a focus on diabetic eye diseases.

ThromboGenics therefore constantly seeks to broaden its franchise in ophthalmology and beyond, through in-house research and strategic acquisitions, joint development and licensing deals.

Posters and publications.  

Presented at ARVO May 2016:

Ocriplasmin in a porcine model for PVD induction.
Authored by Bart Jonckx, Isabelle Etienne, Tom Janssens, Anne Verborg, Jean HM Feyen
Repeated injections of ocriplasmin in the Göttingen mini-pig.
Authored by Jean HM Feyen (TG), Kelly Tenneson (CRL), Bart Jonckx (TG).
Preclinical insights into ocriplasmin safety and mechanism of action.
Authored by Michael Porcu, Isabelle Etienne, Aurelie Candi, Anne Verborg, Marianne Eelen, Bart Jonckx, Jean HM Feyen
Evaluation of Full-Field Electroretinogram Changes After Ocriplasmin Injection in a Substudy of Symptomatic Vitreomacular Adhesion Subjects From the OASIS Trial.
Authored by Joseph Markoff, David Birch, Robert C. Sergott, Petra Kozma.

Presented at Ophthalmologica Belgica (OB), January 2016:
PlGF inhibition is as efficacious as VEGF-Trap in reducing scar formation after glaucoma surgery. Authored by T. Van Bergen, I. Stalmans

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Robot assisted retinal vein cannulation.  Authored by K. Willekens, E. Vander Poorten, B. Jonckx, T. Janssens, A. Gijbels, L. Esteveney, L. Schoevaerdts, D. Reynaerts, J.H. Feyen, P. Stalmans

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Presented at EVER 2015 (European Association for Vision and Eye Research):

Posterior Vitreous Detachment: more a case of the fibronectin interface than the inner limiting membrane? Authored by I. Etienne, B. Jonckx, J. Feyen.

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Complimentary effects of PlGF inhibition and MMC in the improvement of surgical outcome after glaucoma filtration surgery.  Authored by T. Van Bergen, B. Jonckx, J. Feyen and Lieve Moons & Ingeborg Stalmans from the Laboratory of Ophthalmology /Dept of Biology, Zoological Institute, KU Leuven.

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Imaging of intravitreal injected solution dispersion.  Authored by Koen Willekens, Geert Reyns, Bart Jonckx, Jean Feyen, Liu Yewei, Walter Coudyzer, Ni Yicheng, Peter Stalmans.  (Studies were performed in collaboration with the department of Radiology, UZ Leuven and ThromboGenics)

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